Finding balance, one weekend at a time

In honor of my (academic) new year’s resolutions, I am trying a new experiment this term:  working more (or more efficiently) on the weekdays so that I can have my weekends, or at least most of my weekends, free.  I am proud to report that, except for checking email this morning (I have 2 assignments out that are due tomorrow) and about an hour of work this evening, I have gone entirely work-free this weekend.

And it felt wonderful!  Sure, the weekend was a bit hectic, and I didn’t get to relax at all, but at least I caught up on lots of stuff around the house that’s fallen through the cracks lately (such as 3 weeks of mail and 3 weeks of crumbs on the kitchen floor.  Ick.), and got to spend some quality time with family and friends.

Last week was a bit exhausting, so I won’t declare the experiment a success just yet.  But last week was also the first week of classes, so I don’t want to make any judgments based on that week.  And I have a clear plan in place this week which, I think, will allow me to get everything done for the week and get ready for Monday’s classes, all before I leave school on Friday.  We’ll see how it goes.

I have found, so far, that I’m less likely to space out at work, because I know that whatever doesn’t get done during the day will have to be done at night, at home.  So that’s been a really good motivator, surprisingly.

Here’s to a good week 2!


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