Apparently I am a trendsetter

So, last week was the annual SIGCSE conference (SIGCSE = Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education), and I don’t know/remember the whole story, but it had something to do with something the keynote speaker said that became a running riff at the conference….

Anyway, that’s not important.  What is important is that I, apparently, am a trendsetter!

Check out the home page for the conference

… you’ll see, right there front and center on the front page, a link to an order page for this:

this is what a computer scientist looks like t-shirt

Sound familiar, anyone?

(Personally, I think mine looks better!)

No, THIS is what a computer scientist looks like!

The original! And from the same company, too.

Man, if I had only known, I could have started a lucrative side business or something!