Questions I have asked myself today while reviewing textbooks for my Data Structures class

wall of books
  • Which is better: a book that provides excellent explanations/development of concepts but less-than-stellar examples, or a book with really compelling examples but scattered explanations/development of concepts?
  • Why do so many books present stacks and queues before linked lists? We’ve always done the opposite. Huh.
  • Is it time for lunch yet?
  • Is it time for a snack yet?
  • How much code can I expect students to read before their eyes glaze over and/or they start skimming? (even if it’s well-written code)
  • Where is the line between “too few sorting algorithms” and “too many sorting algorithms”?
  • Is this a damn-it’s-hot-and-I’m-dehydrated headache or a I’ve-read-too-many-textbooks-today headache?
  • Will my students get confused if they have a generics-based textbook but we don’t code with generics in class? 
  • Will my eyes really pop out of their sockets if I read one more textbook?
  • Why is this process so damn hard?
image by Mr. T in DC