Random thoughts for a Friday afternoon

  • Our summer high school program ended today in a whirlwind. Poster session + meeting parents + lunch + filling out evaluations on my 11 students + 3 weeks of intense work = exhaustion. But happy exhaustion. 
  • Would I do this again? Absolutely. I have a longer post on this, but it will have to wait until my brain functioning returns. 
  • My experience with this program will definitely help me structure my first-year seminar (on the same topic) better. And help me understand the abilities, maturity level, attention span, etc of my class. So participating in this program was a win on many levels.
  • I am going to miss my students. Some more than others, obviously. I sincerely hope I see some of them at Carleton in a year or two. 
  • I am taking a much-needed break next week. Let’s see if I can go an entire week without checking my email. This is essential, I feel, for me retaining any sense of my sanity. And also essential because the craziness will start up again a week from Monday—just looking at my calendar for the end of August gives me hives.
  • My research students’ last day is also today. They completely surpassed my goals for the summer. We have more preliminary data for the grant application I plan to resubmit. (Also, because they completely surpassed the goals, I will have to completely redo the timeline. Trust me, this is a good problem to have.)
  • Juggling my research mentoring obligations with the summer program was very challenging. Would I do it again? I’m not sure. On the one hand, by the time the summer program started the research students were very much working independently. On the other hand, not having me around to answer questions and bounce ideas off of was a detriment to the project. I’ll need to give this some more thought.
  • And on that note, there is a pint of cider at a local pub that is calling my name. Happy Friday everyone!